Gemma Flannery

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Faraway Bay

I first started working at Faraway Bay or aka FAB as it is so FAB in 2013. I went there mainly to fill a hospitality role in regards to helping with service and cleaning and room service, as I was keen to get involved in other areas I have since taken on the role as Events Coordinator for the company and act as on the onsite Manager in regards to recruiting staff for the Housekeeping and other positions and overseeing the day to day procedures.

Cook - As a passionate lover of food and cooking I have been able to develop my skills here and work alongside the trained Chef and owner in preparing meals. I often solely prepare cooked Breakfasts, hot lunches including tasty pastries and lasagnes, paellas and creative salads. I love preparing the canapés here and am always creating new tasty treats and keeping some of our long term guests on their toes with new creations!

I love baking and finding creative desserts and looking to find different flavors and combinations to try and give people something new to taste!

Tour Guide (skipper - coxswains)- 

I am a quick learner and from assisting on all the excursions I was keen to take the lead and learn about the History, Aboriginal Art, the Wildlife and sea life and lead the guests through their Faraway Bay experience. I take people out in the 4WD vehicles for Bush walks and Art Treks and to swimming holes and waterfalls. Excursions are also led by boat and I drive a small 6 Meter Boat with Outboard, i qualified with my Coxswains in February 2014 at Challenger college in Perth.

All my training has been here in the Kimberley and I am keen to learn new skills in other places, whilst I have excellent knowledge on all this local area which a lot of it is unchartered, I am aware of all our sandbars, rocks and reefs and the importance of the tides in the area due to this, as well as the weather which the wind can pick up when the South easterly hits in the season. It's not often we see other boats and there are no channel markers here, so these are the areas I want to build on my experience back in Melbourne where I am hopefully going to be working with some charter boats in FAB's off season and when the fishing starts again in the south from September onwards.

Below are some photos of me guiding at FAB and cooking the yummy food I cook, including Seafood Paella Lunches, Homemade Bread and Canapés, Mains and Desserts!